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Question 1. Asked on :14 May 2019:11:53:18 AM

 What is the term used for specialised cultivation of fruits and vegetables?

-Added by Himanshi Verma Geography » Agriculture


 Horticulture is the term used for specialized cultivation of fruits and vegetables. 

-Answered by Shalu Shukla On 19 May 2019:09:53:11 AM

Question 2. Asked on :14 May 2019:11:52:30 AM

 Which country does produce 13% of the world's vegetables?

-Added by Himanshi Verma Geography » Agriculture

Question 3. Asked on :14 May 2019:11:47:25 AM

 What is money?

-Added by Rohit rajput Economics » Money And Credit


 Money refers to a medium of exchange used in economic transactions or in exchange of goods and services.

-Answered by Shalu Shukla On 14 May 2019:11:48:54 AM

Question 4. Asked on :14 May 2019:11:46:22 AM

 Who compiled folk- tales in Germany?

-Added by Rohit rajput History » Ch-7

Question 5. Asked on :14 May 2019:11:46:01 AM

 Who wrote Jungle Book?

-Added by Rohit rajput History » History

Question 6. Asked on :14 May 2019:11:43:09 AM

 Who was Walter Scott?

-Added by Himanshi Verma History » Novels, Society, History

Question 7. Asked on :14 May 2019:11:40:54 AM

 Name the novel written by Kandukari Viresalingam?

-Added by Himanshi Verma History » Chapter8

Question 8. Asked on :14 May 2019:11:39:37 AM

Which political party is leading the National Democratic Alliance? 

-Added by Himanshi Verma Political Science » Political Parties

Question 9. Asked on :14 May 2019:11:36:06 AM

 Sardar Sarovar Dam is built on which river? 

-Added by Himanshi Verma Geography » Water Resources

Question 10. Asked on :14 May 2019:11:34:58 AM

State the main motive of MNC.

-Added by Himanshi Verma History » Ch-2

Question 11. Asked on :14 May 2019:11:31:25 AM

 इंडोचाईना का गठन कब हुआ?

-Added by Rohit rajput History » Ch-2

Question 12. Asked on :13 May 2019:10:29:43 AM

 7 और  9 के बीच 10 परिमेय संख्या लिखे ?

-Added by ravi varma Mathematics » Maths


 The rational numbers between 7 and 9 are 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 90. 

-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 14 May 2019:11:11:27 AM

Question 13. Asked on :13 May 2019:08:31:20 AM

Full form CiD 

-Added by rocki kumar General Knowledge » Cid


Full form of CID is Criminal Investigation Department.

-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 14 May 2019:11:08:06 AM

Question 14. Asked on :11 May 2019:06:42:14 PM

 Who is the founder of bahujan samaj party ?

-Added by MAHIR CHAUHAN General Knowledge » G.K


 Kanshi Ram

-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 14 May 2019:11:21:14 AM

Question 15. Asked on :11 May 2019:08:27:20 AM

What is tidal energy?

-Added by priyanshu kumar Geography » Mineral And Power Resources


 Energy generated from tides is called tidal energy.

-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 14 May 2019:11:22:09 AM


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