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Question 1. Asked on :25 May 2020:08:00:22 AM

 Q-1)Find the area of trapezium PQRS with height PQ where SP=12cm,SR=13cm,QR=7cm?

-Added by Aman Senapati Mathematics » Herons Formula


Aman Senapati


  • PS=12m
  • SR=13m
  • QR=7m

PQRS is a trapezium.

let SUR is a triangle and PQUR is a rectangle.

then SU=PS-QR



By Pythagorous theorm:-

(H sq.)=(P sq.) + (B sq.)

(13m sq.)=(P sq.) + (5m sq.)

169 sq. m=(P sq.) + 25 sq.m

169-25=(P sq.)

144=(P sq.)




UR = 12m

According to the property of rectangle ( Opposite side's are equal )


∴ PQ=12m.

-Answered by Aman Senapati On 25 May 2020:08:46:56 AM(18245Average Rating Based on rating)


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