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Question 1. Asked on :21 August 2019:07:59:18 PM

 What do you mean by consistency assumptions ?

-Added by anjali thakur Accountancy » Consistency Assumption


anjali thakur

 According to the Consistency Assumption accounting practice once selected and adopted should be applied consistency year after year . The concept helps in better understanding of accounting information and makes it comparable with that of previous years .

-Answered by anjali thakur On 21 August 2019:08:01:18 PM

Question 2. Asked on :21 August 2019:07:56:26 PM

 Write the  feature of accounting principles ?

-Added by anjali thakur Accountancy » Feature Of Accounting Principle


Master Purushottam
Essential Features of Accounting Principles:
  • Relevance or Usefulness: ADVERTISEMENTS: A principle will be relevant only if it satisfies the needs of those who use it. ...
  • Objectivity: A principle will be said to be objective if it is based on facts and figures. ...
  • Feasibility: The accounting principles should be practicable.

-Answered by Master Purushottam On 22 August 2019:09:17:18 PM

Question 3. Asked on :21 August 2019:07:12:48 PM

 What is creditors?

-Added by anjali thakur Accountancy » CH2


Master Purushottam

 Creditor is a person to whom an amount is owned an account of credit purchase of goods and service n the normal course of business.

-Answered by Master Purushottam On 21 August 2019:11:05:48 PM

Question 4. Asked on :21 August 2019:07:08:25 PM

 Define drawings with example ?

-Added by anjali thakur Accountancy » Ch 2


Master Purushottam

 Drawing is the amount of money or value of goods which the proprietor or partner withdraws for personal use. for example, withdrawal of cash by the proprietor for personal use

-Answered by Master Purushottam On 21 August 2019:11:07:50 PM

Question 5. Asked on :20 August 2019:07:59:13 PM

 Give two advantages of a journal ?

-Added by anjali thakur Accountancy » Ch 8


Akki chauhan

(i) As transactions in journal are entered as and when they take place the possibility of omission of a transaction in the book of accounts.

(ii) As transaction in journal are recorded in chronological order, it is very easy locate a particular transaction when required.  

-Answered by Akki chauhan On 21 August 2019:11:07:26 AM

Question 6. Asked on :20 August 2019:07:57:39 PM

 What is trade discount ?

-Added by anjali thakur Accountancy » Ch 8


anjali thakur

 A discount on the retail price of something allowed or agreed between traders or to a retailer by a wholesaler .

-Answered by anjali thakur On 20 August 2019:08:26:34 PM

Question 7. Asked on :20 August 2019:07:56:17 PM

 What is mean by a journal ?

-Added by anjali thakur Accountancy » Ch 8


nisha sheikh

 A journal is a record of financial transactions in order by date.

-Answered by nisha sheikh On 20 August 2019:08:27:33 PM

Question 8. Asked on :20 August 2019:07:35:15 PM

What do you mean by going concern assumption

-Added by anjali thakur Accountancy » Ch 3


anjali thakur

 According to this assumption, it is assumed that business shall continue for a foreseeable period and there is no intention to close the business scale down its operation significantly .

-Answered by anjali thakur On 20 August 2019:07:42:46 PM

Question 9. Asked on :19 August 2019:03:19:36 PM

Name any one external user of Accounting information.

-Added by nisha sheikh Accountancy » Ch-1


priyanshu kumar


-Answered by priyanshu kumar On 03 November 2019:03:24:33 PM

Question 10. Asked on :19 August 2019:03:17:41 PM

 Give two advantages of a Journal.

-Added by nisha sheikh Accountancy » Ch-8


priyanshu kumar

 1 provides accounting data in chronological order .                           2 possibility of error reduces .

-Answered by priyanshu kumar On 03 November 2019:03:24:47 PM

Question 11. Asked on :06 May 2019:10:32:45 AM

 हथियाकरण से आप क्या समझते है ? 

-Added by priyanshu kumar Accountancy » हाशियाकरण की समझ


sonu kumar

 समझती? पर इसका कारण रंग भेदी हथियाकरण है, समाज में जिसकी जड़े गहरी पैंसी. हुईं हैं। लेखिका को इस भोगे हुए यथार्थ का गहरा अभास था। जिसका प्रभाव ... क्या डॉ. सर्राफ स्वयं उन्हें सामाजिक रूप से. स्वीकार कर पायेगें? इन सभी बातों से दूर 'प्रभा खेतान' का भावविभोर हृदय केवल. डॉ. ... कड़वी-मीठी यादों के इर्द-गिर्द बुना गया आत्मचरित्र अपने आप में स्त्री जीवन की विशेष.

-Answered by sonu kumar On 06 May 2019:10:41:46 AM


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