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Question 1. Asked on :06 August 2020:05:19:27 PM

What are suspension?

-Added by Shruti Srivastva Science » Atoms And Molecules


Shruti Srivastva
suspension is a heterogeneous mixture in which the solute particles do not dissolve, but get suspended throughout the bulk of the solvent, left floating around freely in the medium

-Answered by Shruti Srivastva On 23 September 2020:05:46:43 PM

Question 2. Asked on :29 September 2019:10:45:14 AM

 What are the postulates of Dalton's theory?

-Added by Himanshi Verma Science » Atoms And Molecules


priyanshu kumar

1. All matter is made up of very tiny particles called atoms.

2. Atoms are indivisible particles, which cannot be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction.

3. Atoms of a given element are identical in mass and chemical properties.

4. Atoms of different element have different masses and chemical properties.

5. The relative number and kinds of atoms are constant in a given compound.

6. Atoms combine in the ratio of small whole numbers to form compound.

-Answered by priyanshu kumar On 30 September 2019:11:15:45 AM

Question 3. Asked on :29 September 2019:10:39:31 AM

 Write two laws of Chemical combination.

-Added by Himanshi Verma Science » Atoms And Molecules


priyanshu kumar

Law of conservation of mass: It states that mass can neither be created nor be destroyed in chemical reaction.

Law of constant proportion: In a chemical substance the elements are always present in definite proportion by mass. 

-Answered by priyanshu kumar On 30 September 2019:11:15:58 AM

Question 4. Asked on :27 September 2019:10:54:03 AM

 What is molecular mass?

-Added by Himanshi Verma Science » Atoms And Molecules


priyanshu kumar
The mass of a molecule that is equal to the sum of the masses of all the atoms contained in the molecule.

-Answered by priyanshu kumar On 30 September 2019:11:53:54 AM

Question 5. Asked on :12 January 2019:10:39:40 AM

 Why is it not possible to see an atom with naked eyes.

-Added by Rohit Rajput Science » Atoms And Molecules


Nishant Verma

  It is not possible to see an atom with naked eyes because all matter are made up very tiny particles called atom. And atom is undivisible particle which can not be divide by or hand.

-Answered by Nishant Verma On 17 October 2019:02:44:06 PM


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