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Question 1. Asked on :25 August 2019:07:33:12 PM

 इराक कैसा देश है ?

-Added by roshni mental History » Ch2


priyanshu kumar
 इराक एक भोगोलिक विविधता का देश है |

-Answered by priyanshu kumar On 20 October 2019:04:02:48 PM

Question 2. Asked on :24 August 2019:09:00:02 PM

 What is neutralisation ?

-Added by Gunnaj sheikh Science » CH2


Akki chauhan

 The reaction between acid and base to give salt and water is called neutralization reaction

-Answered by Akki chauhan On 24 August 2019:09:37:10 PM

Question 3. Asked on :24 August 2019:07:31:09 PM

 What is PH scale?

-Added by Khushi Chauhan Science » Ch2


Master Purushottam
measure of acidity or alkalinity of water soluble substances (pH stands for 'potential of Hydrogen')

-Answered by Master Purushottam On 24 August 2019:08:05:46 PM

Question 4. Asked on :24 August 2019:07:28:53 PM

 What is gypsum?

-Added by Khushi Chauhan Science » Ch2


Shivang Gupta
Gypsum board is one of many gypsum panel products, defined in ASTM C11, Standard Terminology Relating to Gypsum and Related Building Materials and Systems, as “the general name for a family of sheet products consisting essentially of gypsum.” This term includes gypsum board, glass mat gypsum panels, abuse-resistant, and impact-resistant gypsum panels and gypsum shaftliner panels.

-Answered by Shivang Gupta On 25 August 2019:05:11:22 PM

Question 5. Asked on :22 August 2019:07:58:13 PM

 उपयोगिता को परिभाषित कीजिये ?

-Added by nisha sheikh Economics » Ch2


Master Purushottam
उपयोगिता एक वस्तू की आवश्यकता को संतुष्ट करने की शक्ति होती है |

-Answered by Master Purushottam On 24 August 2019:04:49:10 PM

Question 6. Asked on :21 August 2019:07:12:48 PM

 What is creditors?

-Added by anjali thakur Accountancy » CH2


Master Purushottam

 Creditor is a person to whom an amount is owned an account of credit purchase of goods and service n the normal course of business.

-Answered by Master Purushottam On 21 August 2019:11:05:48 PM

Question 7. Asked on :20 August 2019:07:37:04 PM

Write the assumptions of law of DMU?

-Added by nisha sheikh Economics » Ch2


Master Purushottam
 Law of DMU states that as we consume more and more units of a commodity, the utility derived from each successive uniy goes on decreasing. ADVIRETISEMENTS . In making choices, most people spread their incomes over different kinds of goods.

-Answered by Master Purushottam On 24 August 2019:04:57:26 PM


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