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Question 1. Asked on :09 March 2019:04:48:01 PM

 Why the filament of bulb has melting point?

-Added by Payal kumari Science » Electricity


Himanshi Verma

 filament is made up of a substance having high melting point(like tungsten) because A buld lights up by heating the filament. The heated filament is the source of light,and if the melting point of filament's substance is low,it may melt.

-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 09 March 2019:04:52:56 PM

Question 2. Asked on :30 December 2018:12:07:49 AM

What is different between Ameter and galvanometer?

-Added by Master Purushottam Science » Electricity


Himanshi Verma

  Ameter measures the amount of current in a cunductor while galvanometer detects the current.

-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 23 March 2019:05:35:46 PM

Question 3. Asked on :29 December 2018:01:35:07 AM

What is galvanometer?

-Added by Apurva Institute Science » Electricity


Himanshi Verma

  It is a device to detect current in an electric circuit.

-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 23 March 2019:05:36:12 PM


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