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Question 1. Asked on :22 April 2019:09:58:08 AM

A metal cylinder is melted and the whole mass is cast in the shape of a cube. What happens to its density? Give reasons. 

-Added by Nitish kumar Science » FORCE


Hitesh kumar

 Density is constant for given substance or material. So, when it is cast into different shapes, the density of the material remains same as before.

Density is defined as the mass of the substance per unit volume. 

Density = Mass / Volume.

Mass of the metal cylinder and that of the cube will be same when measured via spring balance experiment. 

Mass of water displaced in both cases doesn't change. 

Similarly, volume of the water displaced in the measuring unit of the spring balance remains same in both the scenario.

So, density remains same. 

-Answered by Hitesh kumar On 22 April 2019:03:24:11 PM

Question 2. Asked on :22 April 2019:09:56:43 AM

 At which temperature the density of water is maximum?

-Added by Nitish kumar Science » FORCE


Sohail alam

 39 °F

Answer: When cooled from room temperature liquid water becomes increasingly dense, as with other substances, but at approximately 4 °C (39 °F), pure water reaches its maximum density. As it is cooled further, it expands to become less 

-Answered by Sohail alam On 22 April 2019:03:28:08 PM

Question 3. Asked on :22 April 2019:09:55:34 AM

 What would be the unit of displaced weight of liquid?

-Added by Nitish kumar Science » FORCE


rocki kumar

 The mass of the displaced fluid can be expressed in terms of the density and its volume, m = ρV. The fluid displaced has aweight W = mg, where g is acceleration due to gravity. Therefore, the weight of the displaced fluid can be expressed as W = ρVg.

-Answered by rocki kumar On 08 May 2019:08:22:19 AM

Question 4. Asked on :22 April 2019:09:53:13 AM

 When happens when we immerse an object in bucket of water which is not filled to the brim?

-Added by Nitish kumar Science » FORCE


priyanshu kumar

 Now, if we immerse an object into this bucket full of water, then the object will ... a bucket of water which is not filled to the brim, then the object will displace water ...

-Answered by priyanshu kumar On 04 May 2019:08:27:13 AM

Question 5. Asked on :22 April 2019:09:51:01 AM

 What is relation between volume of an object immersed in water and volume of displaced water?

-Added by Nitish kumar Science » FORCE


priyanshu kumar

 The amount of fluid displaced is directly related (via Archimedes' principle) to its volume. In the case of an object that sinks (is totally submerged), the volume of the object is displaced. In the case of an object that floats, the amount of fluid displaced will be equal in weight to the displacing object.

-Answered by priyanshu kumar On 06 May 2019:10:02:39 AM


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