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Question 1. Asked on :15 January 2019:05:44:19 PM

 A bullet is fired from a rifle the kinetic energy of the rifle in comparison to that of the bullet is

-Added by Sumitra Mahajan Science » Force And Laws Of Motion


Himanshi Verma

 a) more than one b) less than one c) equal to one d) zero

M -mass of life
v- velocity of rifle
m -mass of bullet
u -velocity of bullet
Since m < M
Therefore KineticenergyofrifleKineticenergyofbullet<1
Hence b is the correct answer. Hence b is the correct answer. 


-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 20 January 2019:05:18:11 PM

Question 2. Asked on :13 January 2019:04:49:55 PM

 A tortoise moves a distance of 100m in 15min. What is its average speed in km/hr?

-Added by Himanshi Verma Science » Force And Laws Of Motion


Himanshi Verma

 Given:  Tortoise moves 100 meters in 15 minutes.

Therefore, Average Speed = 100 meters /15 minutes  

(as Speed = Distance/time)

                                                    = 0.10 Km/ 0.25 hours

 (as 1 Km

= 1000 m and 1 hour = 60 min)

                                                     = 0.4 Km/hour

Answer – The average speed of tortoise is 0.4 Km/hour

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-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 20 January 2019:05:13:43 PM


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