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Question 1. Asked on :17 April 2019:09:14:38 AM

 Had earned any money before that? In what way?

-Added by Rohit Rajput English » My Childhood


Himanshi Verma

 Before the newspaper episode there was unusually huge demand of tamarind seeds. Abdul Kalam used to collect tamarind seeds and used to sell them for a princely some of one annah a day.

-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 21 April 2019:10:47:30 AM

Question 2. Asked on :17 April 2019:09:13:05 AM

 Where was Abdul Kalam's house? 

-Added by Rohit Rajput English » My Childhood


Himanshi Verma

 Abdul Kalam's house was in the Mosque street of Rameshvaram town of Tamil Nadu.

-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 21 April 2019:10:48:06 AM

Question 3. Asked on :23 February 2019:10:16:58 AM

 Describe the role of Abdul kalam's parent in his life 

-Added by Akki chauhan English » My Childhood


Himanshi Verma

 Abdul kalams father was a Fisher man who earns a less amount of money. His parents and his sister encouraged him.. And even they helped him in his needs. His sister helped him by keeping her gold in bank and gave him some money. Which money he utilised in his study. He even wants to pay back the money gave by his sister. Then he thought, by the money he get by the scholarship he paid it back. His teachers, helped and encouraged a lot in his studies. In past days, he was a great scientist it's just because of his teachers and his parents and his friends help and support. His close friends helped him to do the projects very well.

-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 24 February 2019:05:01:18 PM


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