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Question 1. Asked on :05 September 2019:11:11:58 AM

How was black soil formed?

-Added by Akki chauhan Geography » Natural Resources


Nishant Verma
Black soils have been formed from the weathered lava flows found in the Deccan Trap region.

-Answered by Nishant Verma On 05 September 2019:02:42:17 PM

Question 2. Asked on :05 September 2019:11:11:09 AM

  Give examples of human-made resources?

-Added by Akki chauhan Geography » Natural Resources


Shruti Srivastva

 Building, Laptop, Computer.

-Answered by Shruti Srivastva On 05 September 2019:02:54:01 PM

Question 3. Asked on :02 September 2019:04:08:26 PM

 Name three states having black soil and the crop which is mainly grown in it?

-Added by Himanshi Verma Geography » Natural Resources


Himanshi Verma

 Maharastra, Madhya pradesh and chattisgarh are states having black soil. Cotton is mainly grown in black soil.

-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 02 September 2019:04:09:17 PM

Question 4. Asked on :23 August 2019:08:06:21 PM

 Name the different types of resources?

-Added by Aman senapati Geography » Natural Resources


Akki chauhan

Three types of resources

1. natural resources.

2. man made resource

3. Human resource.

-Answered by Akki chauhan On 24 August 2019:09:37:28 AM

Question 5. Asked on :23 August 2019:08:04:12 PM

 What are resources?

-Added by Aman senapati Geography » Natural Resources


Master Purushottam
Resources are the things that have an utility and a value.

-Answered by Master Purushottam On 23 August 2019:11:30:57 PM

Question 6. Asked on :20 August 2019:08:01:38 AM

Why are we looking at alternate source of energy?

-Added by Akki chauhan Science » Natural Resources


Akki chauhan

The industrialisation has caused the Global demand for energy to grow at a tremendous rate. even if the demand for energy was largely met the fossil fuel coal and petroleum. this fuel were formed from from over millions of years ago and there are only limited reserves the fossil fuels are non renewable source of energy so we need to conserve them if we were to continue consist consuming the source at such all wearing rates we should soon run out of energy in order to avoid this alternate source of energy water explode that is why we are looking at alternate source of energy.

-Answered by Akki chauhan On 20 August 2019:08:04:04 AM

Question 7. Asked on :20 August 2019:08:00:40 AM

If you could use any source of energy for heating your food which one would you use and why?

-Added by Akki chauhan Science » Natural Resources


Akki chauhan

The preferable source of energy for cooking will be biogas. it is a source of energy for with calorific value is high. it is an environmental friendly fuel which produce minimum pollution to the air also it is accessible and less expensive also biogas is an efficient source of renewable energy.

-Answered by Akki chauhan On 20 August 2019:08:02:37 AM

Question 8. Asked on :19 August 2019:09:56:38 PM

Mention one feature of biogas that makes it an ideal fuel?

-Added by Akki chauhan Science » Natural Resources


Himanshi Verma

 It burns without smoke leaves no residues has high calorific value.

-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 19 August 2019:10:26:56 PM

Question 9. Asked on :12 January 2019:05:46:00 PM

 Explain nitrogen cycle with the help of diagram?

-Added by Himanshi Verma Science » Natural Resources


Rohit Rajput

The series of processes by which nitrogen and its compounds are inter converted in the environment and in living organisms, including nitrogen fixation and decomposition.

-Answered by Rohit Rajput On 13 January 2019:10:25:37 AM


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