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Question 1. Asked on :19 April 2019:08:34:46 AM

 Given that HCF (306,657) =9 find LCM (306,657).

-Added by Prince Rawat Mathematics » Real Number


Himanshi Verma
Product of LCM and HCF= Product of two numbers

9×LCM = 306×657

9×LCM = 201042

LCM   = 22338

-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 21 April 2019:10:32:51 AM

Question 2. Asked on :19 April 2019:08:21:00 AM

Prove that 5
 is irrational.

-Added by Prince Rawat Mathematics » Real Number


Himanshi Verma

Let us assume that √5 is rational 

Then √5 =  

(a and b are co primes, with only 1 common factor and b≠0) 

⇒ √5 =  

(cross multiply) 

⇒ a = √5b 

⇒ a² = 5b² -------> α

⇒ 5/a² 

(by theorem if p divides q then p can also divide q²) 

⇒ 5/a ----> 1 

⇒ a = 5c 

(squaring on both sides) 

⇒ a² = 25c² ----> β 

From equations α and β 

⇒ 5b² = 25c²

⇒ b² = 5c² 

⇒ 5/b² 

(again by theorem) 

⇒ 5/b---> 2 

we know that a and b are co-primes having only 1 common factor but from 1 and 2 we can that it is wrong. 

This contradiction arises because we assumed that √5 is a rational number 

∴ our assumption is wrong 

∴ √5 is irrational number.

-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 21 April 2019:11:24:50 AM

Question 3. Asked on :19 April 2019:08:18:18 AM

 Check whether 6n can end digit 0 for any nature number n.

-Added by Prince Rawat Mathematics » Real Number


Akki chauhan

 prime factors of 6n 

                = (2*3)n 

                = 2n*3n 

While the number ending with zero have prime factor as 2n*5n 

       Hence, 6n is not end with zero.

-Answered by Akki chauhan On 28 June 2019:09:30:20 AM

Question 4. Asked on :18 April 2019:08:18:35 AM

 Use euclid's division alogrithan to find the HCF of :

(i) 135 and 225 .

-Added by Nitish kumar Mathematics » Real Number


Himanshi Verma

  Use Euclid division alogrithan 





HCF=45 .

-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 18 April 2019:04:26:31 PM


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