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Question 1. Asked on :19 January 2019:10:22:48 AM

 On tossing a coin 1000 times head comes 425 times find the probability of getting a tails in this event.

-Added by Prince Rawat Mathematics » STATISTICS


Master Purushottam

 Total no. of times tossing a coin= 1000

no. of head comes= 425

no. of tail comes= 1000-425= 575

probability   p(e)= 575/1000 

-Answered by Master Purushottam On 24 August 2019:12:18:13 AM


Master Purushottam

 Let 'x' be the number of boys and 'y' be the number of girls.

To find the total marks

The total marks of boys = 42x

The total marks of girls = 45y

Total number of boys and girls = x + y

To find the ratio

The total marks of boys and girls = 44(x + y)

Then we can write

44(x + y) = 42x + 45y

44x + 44y = 42x + 45y

2x = y

x/y = 1/2

Therefore the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls is 1:2

-Answered by Master Purushottam On 23 August 2019:11:37:42 PM

Question 3. Asked on :11 January 2019:02:55:18 PM

 Find the median of first 10 prime numbers.

-Added by Prince Rawat Mathematics » STATISTICS


Shivang Gupta

The first 10 prime numbers are : 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23 and 29.


Median if n is even numbers

n2 th term = 5th term = 11

n2 + 1 = 5 + 1 = 6th term = 13

Median = 5th term + 6th term2 

Median = 11 + 132 

 = 242 = 12 Answer

-Answered by Shivang Gupta On 25 August 2019:03:29:06 PM

Question 4. Asked on :11 January 2019:10:18:43 AM

 Define frequency of the observation.

-Added by Prince Rawat Mathematics » STATISTICS


Shivang Gupta
 The number of times of an observation occurs in the given data is called the frequency of the observation.

-Answered by Shivang Gupta On 25 August 2019:03:29:24 PM


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