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Question 1. Asked on :13 January 2019:04:44:45 PM

 In which medium sound travels fastest: air, water or steel?

-Added by khushi chauhan Science » Sound


Akki chauhan

   In Steel sound travel fastest.

-Answered by Akki chauhan On 14 January 2019:09:06:39 AM

Question 2. Asked on :13 January 2019:01:19:43 PM

 Write application of Ultrasound?

-Added by Himanshi Verma Science » Sound


Himanshi Verma

   1). It is used to detect cracks in metal block in Industries without damaging them.

2). It is used in industries to clean "hard to reach" part of objects such as spiral tubes, odd shaped machine etc.

3). It is used to investigate the internal organs of human body such as liver, gall bladder, kidney, uterus and heart.

-Answered by Himanshi Verma On 16 January 2019:05:15:29 PM

Question 3. Asked on :13 January 2019:11:18:06 AM

 State the reflection of sound.

-Added by Akki chauhan Science » Sound


Shalu Shukla

 The following two laws of reflection of light are applicable to sound waves as well :-

1. The incident ray, the normal ray to reflecting surface and the reflected ray at the point of incidence ray lie in the same plane. 

2. The angle of incidence ∠i equal to the angle of reflection ∠r. 

-Answered by Shalu Shukla On 16 January 2019:05:52:45 PM

Question 4. Asked on :12 January 2019:11:14:43 AM

 Why sound waves are called mechanical waves. 

-Added by Rohit Rajput Science » Sound


Akki chauhan

 You should know that the mechanical waves are those waves which require a medium for propagation. Sound needs a medium (solids, liquid, or gas) for their propagation and cann't travel without a medium. Therefore, sound wave is a mechanical wave. 

-Answered by Akki chauhan On 15 January 2019:09:46:22 AM


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