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Question 1. Asked on :27 September 2019:10:59:49 AM

What is neutral atom?

-Added by Himanshi Verma Science » Structure Of The Atom


priyanshu kumar
 Generally, all atoms are electrically neutral, because the number of positively charged particles protons are equal to negatively charged particles electron in any atom. This is the cause to be an atom neutral and net charges on it is zero.

-Answered by priyanshu kumar On 30 September 2019:11:53:40 AM

Question 2. Asked on :27 September 2019:10:49:23 AM

 Who discover electron, proton and neutron?

-Added by Himanshi Verma Science » Structure Of The Atom


priyanshu kumar
The neutron was discovered in 1932 by the English physicist James Chadwick. Electron was discovered by J. J. Thomson in 1897. Proton was discovered by E. goldstein. 

-Answered by priyanshu kumar On 30 September 2019:11:54:15 AM

Question 3. Asked on :12 January 2019:10:41:35 AM

 Define valency by taking examples of silicon and oxygen.

-Added by Rohit Rajput Science » Structure Of The Atom


Master Purushottam
 The number of electrons lost or gained by an element in achieving 8 electrons in its outermost shell will be called its valency. The valency of silicon is 4 and oxygen is 2.

-Answered by Master Purushottam On 22 August 2019:09:08:45 PM


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