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Question 1. Asked on :01 January 2022:11:50:55 AM

 Ribosomes are the main sites of ___________ synthesis:

-Added by Nisha Kumari Science » The Fundamental Unit Of Life

Question 2. Asked on :01 January 2022:11:41:41 AM

 Which of the following is called currency of cell?

-Added by Nisha Kumari Science » The Fundamental Unit Of Life


Nisha Kumari


-Answered by Nisha Kumari On 01 January 2022:11:50:21 AM

Question 3. Asked on :01 January 2022:11:35:48 AM

Which of the the following is know as 'headquarter of the cell'?

-Added by Nisha Kumari Science » The Fundamental Unit Of Life


Nisha Kumari


-Answered by Nisha Kumari On 01 January 2022:11:40:16 AM

Question 4. Asked on :12 January 2019:10:43:22 AM

 Why is the cell called the structural and functional unit of life.

-Added by Rohit Rajput Science » The Fundamental Unit Of Life


Master Purushottam
Bricks are assembled to make a building. Similarly Cells are assembled to make our body of every organism. The brick is unit part of the building. Thus, Cells make tissue together the body so, we can say that cells are the basic structural unit of life of organism.

-Answered by Master Purushottam On 22 August 2019:09:08:30 PM

Question 5. Asked on :09 January 2019:10:25:19 AM

What is plastid? Write its two major functions.

-Added by Master Purushottam Science » The Fundamental Unit Of Life


Rahul Kumar
Leucoplasts lack pigments and so they are not green. They are located in roots and non-photosynthetic tissues of plantsThey can become specialized for bulk storage of starchlipid or protein and are then known as amyloplasts, elaioplasts, or proteinoplasts, respectively.

-Answered by Rahul Kumar On 13 October 2019:10:01:15 AM


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